Special Guests in Boozetunes Land

ATAKTOS is the legend of the streets, a revolutionary Punker
that has never been caught,
the terrorist that lives next door to you.
It is said that he has taken part to a lot of weird incidents
and he holds secret government files in his hideout.
never been seen by anyone, he might be the guy
drinking his beer next to you.
Be careful when you are out at night,
cause night time,
is Naughty Boy's time.

This is an episode that Batman faces his destiny, with the new Mr.Freeze, the villain, Andrew Cold. The man with the coldest touch.
He doesnt look like the man with the golden gun at all.
He has no James Bond to run after him.
He wants Gotham City, for himself...and Batman feels the fear freezing his heart...

Somewhere in Italy, j72
enjoys his rides with his bikes.
Oh, yes he has a lot of them.
Being busy as
the leader of the pack, once a while
he finds some time to share with us, his collections of music, dedicated always, to wild guitars.

Where you listen coyotes howl, under the moonlight, 
and you feel a shiver on your back,
beware of the Cryptocowboy
a serial killer, 
that lives in a "high tech" made cave,
hidden in the wild Appalachian mountains.
He enjoys torturing his victims before killing them with one bullet in the head, 
and up to that moment, wild banjos are the soundtrack of fear.
They say that he has killed over a hundred men who travel alone...
No one has seen his face ever, he leaves no witnesses behind.
He might be the guy who buys fire-wire cables at the same store with you...
a simple hillbilly.